Annual Awards

Annual Club Awards 2022-2023

Congratulations to all our award winners!

Each year, awards are made for each team for Captain's Player of the Year and Players' Player of the Year as well as club awards for Most Improved Player, Top Scorer and Men's/Ladies Player..

Ladies Section

Men's Section

L1 Players' Player: Alice Hassall

L1 Captain's Player: Becca Healey

M1 Players' Player: Andy Hunt

M1 Captain's Player: Martin Wright

L2 Players' Player: Nic Mapes

L2 Captain's Player: Rach Hughes

M2 Players' Player: Dean Valentine

M2 Captain's Player: Jamie Shuttleworth

L3 Players' Player: Abbie Ormisher

L3 Captain's Player: Sue Wright

M3 Players' Player: Charlie Valentine

M3 Captain's Player: Steve Martin

L4 Players' Player: Jane Dougall

L4 Captain's Player: Penny Sparrow

M Dev't Players' Player: Greg Armstong

M Dev't Captain's Player: Dan Martin

Top Scorer: Lindsay Rachubka

Top scorer: Steve Martin

Most Improved senior: Estelle McCoy

Most Improved junior (in senior hockey): Sophie Van Dellen

Ladies Captain's Player: Emma Steiger

Most improved senior: Roger Eden

Most improved junior (in senior hockey): Will Aston

Men's Captain's Player: Chris Stott

NB Ladies 5s and Men's 4s did not compete during 2022-2023

For reference: previous years awards attached

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Annual Club Awards 2021-2022

Each year, awards are made for each team for Captain's Player of the Year and Player's Player of the Year as well as club awards for Most Improved Player.

Ladies Section

L1 Players' Player: Ellie Hudgton

L1 Captain's Player: Alice Ashworth

M1 Players' Player: Ed Shand

M1 Captains' Player: Robin Cooper

L2 Players' Player: Fiona Graham

L2 Captain's Player: Ruth Walters

M2 Players' Player: David Brown

M2 Captain's Player: Martin Wright

L3 Players' Player: Noelle Hankinson/ Amy Horne

L3 Captain's Player: Fiona Mellor

M3 Players' Player: Beau Great-Rex

M3 Captain's Player: Chris Knowles

L4 Players' Player: Nat Lewis

L4 Captain's Player: Jess Rushton

M4 Players' Player: Charlie Valentine

M4 Captain's Player: Will Aston

L5 Players' Player: Gill Lockwood

L5 Captain's Player: Estelle McCoy

M5 Players' Player: Greg Armstrong

M5 Captain's Player: Max Groves

Top Scorer: Penny Sparrow

Most Improved Player: Fiona Graham

Top Scorer: James Bell

Most Improved Player: Jim Grosvenor

WHC Award Winners 2020-2021

There were no awards made as the season was heavily interrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic

WHC Award Winners 2019-2020

In a club first, this season's awards were presented via an online Zoom session due to the COVID-19 lockdown. This was attended by over 100 members, so a great turnout in the absence of the normal awards ceremony (which will be held as soon as guidelines allow). You can see the session (in all its glory !) here.

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