Selection Policy

The Intent of this policy is to provide guidance only, in the fair selection of Wilmslow Hockey Club Members, in the interests of the club, it's squads and in the completion of its competitive playing fixtures & commitments.

We welcome feedback from any member who feels that the Selection Policy is not consistent with our Club Purpose and Club Values, or is not being applied fairly or needs to be amended in the light of experience. Please get in touch with your feedback.


1.    Purpose of the Policy

The Intent of this policy is to provide guidance only, in the fair selection of Wilmslow Hockey Club Members, in the interests of the Hockey club, its squads and in the completion of its competitive playing fixtures & commitments.

2.    Player Selection Criteria

At the outset the combination of the following criteria (in no particular order) will be factored in the selection process:

  • Membership: up to date with membership and match fee payments
  • Availability: consistent availability, notified well in advance
  • Commitment: enthusiasm, willingness to learn, motivation and adaptability
  • Training attendance: demonstrates desire to improve skills/fitness
  • Skills and ability: demonstrated at training and previous matches
  • Fitness: physical strength, pace and resilience
  • Teamwork: tactical awareness and supportive of team mates
  • Temperament: positive attitude, respectful towards umpires and other players
  • Potential: a junior who shows commitment and potential to thrive in the adult leagues
  • Position: players to fit the team system and positions


3.    Responsibilities of the captains

  • Adhere to the selection policy, process and criteria
  • Seek council and guidance from the appropriate appointed coach, that in their assessment, the measurement & recommendation of appropriateness for the selection of player(s), in context of them being able to compete in the rigours of the nominated league they are expected to be playing in, as well as personal capability
  • Remind players to update their availability at least a month in advance, where practicable
  • Prepare a draft selection ahead of the selection meeting with the section club captain
  • In the case of late drop-outs, organise the replacement for all lower teams
  • When asking a player to play in a lower team or squad, explain the reasons to the player before selection is published
  • Be aware of and adhere to the NW League Rules (See link in this document)
  • Request match fees in Teamo in advance of each match and collect all match fees on the day (or at least within 24 hours of the match)
  • Submit the GMS team-sheet in advance of each match
  • Record the result in GMS by 8pm on the day of the match
  • Record goal scorers, yellow/red cards and injuries in GMS by 8pm on the day after the match

4.    Principles and guidance

  • The club will take a long-term view of the development of all its young players in line with the principles of Long-Term Athlete Development adopted within England Hockey’s Single System.
  • The highest teams play with the best players. No team should play with a shortage of players when there are players available from a lower team to fill in, even if this means the lower team is unable to field a full team and is forced to cancel.
  • Whenever possible, all teams should take a squad to cater for the pace and rigour of their respective league
  • Young players will not be called upon to play in adult only competition until it is in the best interest of the young player. If an adult team is short of players and the only option is a young player who is not ready either physically, mentally, or socially, then the adult team will play short.
  • The club will abide by England Hockey recommendations regarding player eligibility and competition rules.
  • The club will enforce that no young person under the age of 13 (on 1st September of the season being played) is to play in adult only competition, except in the case of Development Teams where the minimum age is 12.
  • The club will enforce the EHL regulation stating that a player must have reached the age of 15 to be eligible to be registered to play in the EHL.
  • The club will abide by the England Hockey centralised calendar and the priority this provides to ensure that young players at each stage of their development are given the opportunity to play and train at the right level for them without being overplayed.
  • For young players eligible to be involved in adult teams, careful consideration will be given to ensure that the distance travelled is proportional to the likely pitch time for the young player. As a guide, it is suggested that players who will play less than half a game should not travel for longer than 60 minutes.
  • All selection will be made in line with the principles outlined in the EH Equity Policy and EH Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey Policy adopted by this club.
  • As much as practically possible, peer group teams will ensure that each member of the squad is given as equal as possible an amount of pitch time per match or per event to ensure every individual has the opportunity to develop. Winning is important but is a short-term gain.
  • There should be an attempt that young players in teams should have equal time on the pitch in matches and or events.
  • There should be no discrimination by age or sex.
  • Each team will be selected from their squad no later than Wednesday before the playing Saturday
  • Selection of players will be carried out in order of the club teams, starting with the 1st XI and working downwards. No captain in a lower side can refuse the promotion of a player to a higher except by prior agreement with the section club captain or in the case of development sides whose selection should be ring-fenced wherever possible
  • In the case of late selection due to player shortage the order of selection will be from the highest team. It is the duty of the Captain that is short of a player or players to inform the lower team captain as soon as is possible. The Captain who will lose a player must select from the next lowest team until the lowest team has been selected from.
  • Players promoted on merit will be given an opportunity to prove their worth over a period of not less than 3 games unless agreed by the section Club Captain.
  • Captains asking a player to play in a lower team or squad must explain the reasons to the player prior to the selection meeting (or, if the decision is made at the selection meeting, prior to publishing the team-sheet to players).
  • As all teams within the club are playing league hockey it is essential that every captain complies with the club selection policy. A selection panel chaired by the section Club Captain will sit in arbitration, when required. The selection panel’s word is final.
  • The Membership Secretary will control playing administration. Details of players who have not paid their subscriptions or owe the club funds will be relayed to the section Club Captain; PLAYERS WILL NOT BE SELECTED until all payments due are made.
  • Any player returning from suspension will not automatically return to the team or squad they have previously played for. The length of suspension served and the nature of the offence should be considered together with any directives given by the disciplinary board.

Movement of players:

  • Selection decisions shall adhere to the NW league rules including rules on Fair Selection (selection up or down), Player Doubling up and Goalkeeper Doubling up.
  • Selection of a player for a higher team than their Regular Team is unrestricted week to week.
  • Selection of a player for a lower team than their Regular Team is subject to restrictions and must not strengthen a lower team intentionally.

See League Rules page for extracts from the league regulations related to doubling up and fair selection.

  • WHC Selection Policy 2022-23 v0.1.pdf
  • WHC Selection Policy 2022-23 v0.1.docx

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